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Baja Hoodie or Drug Rug?

Many people refer to the exact same article of clothing by many different names. This is the case with the baja hoodie aka drug rug. The real name is “baja hoodie” but the kids today call them “drug rugs” because they are popular among the hippie culture.

There are plenty of other popular names such as hippie hoodies or baja poncho pullovers.
They are very popular and have been since the 70’s. The trend started in Baja California and that is how they got their name.

They are all unisex which means a man or woman can wear the exact same item. The sizing goes from Mens measurements which means that women have to buy down a size for a proper fit.

baja hoodie marta the martian

What Makes a Sweatshirt a Baja Hoodie?

The baja hoodie is different from other hooded sweatshirts because of it’s patterned kangaroo pocket on the front. Sure there are other hoodies that have a kangaroo pouch but with bajas that pouch has to have a pattern going in the opposite direction of the pattern on the rest of the hoodie. Typically (and most appealing to the eye) is that the pattern on the hoodie will be vertical and then the pattern on the pocket will be horizontal. There are some that do it the other way but it looks wrong.

baja hoodie made of cotton

What is a Baja Hoodie Made Of?

Baja hoodies are mistakenly thought to be made of hemp. Sadly there is not a single one in the world that is made of hemp. They are however made of recycled fabrics by most companies. They make them in Mexico from recycled t shirts that they turn into thread to weave the hoodies. When all is said and done, they are a cotton, polyester and acrylic blend.

baja hoodie brown to peach

What is a Jerga?

Jerga is a type of weaved material that is common in Mexico for rags. They use that same jerga material to make Mexican hooded sweatshirts because they are very colorful.

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