What is a Drug Rug, Baja Hoodie & Jerga?

What is a Drug Rug?

A drug rug is the slang name give to the Mexican baja hoodie. It’s a hoodie with vertically stripped patterns that has a kangaroo pouch in front that has the pattern going horizontal.

what is a drug rug hoodie

What is a Drug Rug Made Out Of?

The drug rug is made out of recycled materials and is a blend of cotton, polyester and acrylic. The material used is called “jerga” in spanish.

What is a Jerga?

A jerga is a material used in Mexico to make rags and Mexican hooded sweatshirts as seen below. It’s a twill weave and makes for some very colorful patterns. You can buy these types of sweatshirts known as “baja hoodies” at MexicanThreads.com.

jerga hoodie mexican threads

What is a Baja Hoodie Made Of?

The baja hoodie is made out of the same thing as the drug rug because they are the same thing. It’s a cotton/polyester/acrylic blend.

what is a baja hoodie made of

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