Baja Hoodie Drug Rug Pullovers

The best thing about fashion is that some things never go out of style. The baja hoodie is one of those pieces of timeless fashion.

Drug Rug or Baja Hoodie?

Is the real name for the hooded sweatshirt pictured below a drug rug or a baja hoodie? What is it really called? Well you can see that wiki calls it baja jacket here. But that is actually not the most popular phrase.  The answer is that if your mom is going to shop online and get you one, you tell her it’s a “baja hoodie” but if you are talking to some college kids you would call it a “drug rug hoodie”. There are about 100 other names for these things ranging from Mexican blanket hoodie to baja poncho, but no matter what you call them you can buy some pretty sick ones at

mexican threads baja hoodie drug rug

Mexican Threads Baja Hoodie Drug Rug

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